Hello, I'm Melissa Walker!

I am a Front End Web Developer based out of Bel Air, Maryland; who loves to create beautiful and responsive websites - with clean code!


Guess the Word Game

Guess the Word

Players guess the word, one letter at the time. If they can guess the word before their allotted chances are up, then they win. When the browser reloads or the game reloads, the word changes.

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: GitHub Pages, JSON

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GitHub Repo Gallery

GitHub Repo Gallery

Utilizes GitHub’s API to pull data from my GitHub profile to create a gallery of my repos.

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: GitHub Pages, REST API

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Sticky Note App

Sticky Note App

This functional React app is great at keeping notes. A user can create, delete and search notes. Goodbye paper sticky notes...

Skills: React, JSX, Components, ES6, Local Storage

Tools: CodeSandbox, Props, State

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Word Press App

WordPress Site

Multipage responsive website built with WordPress for Blog posts and upcoming Events.

Skills: WordPress, HTML, CSS

Tools: FileZilla, WP Engine, Chrome DevTools FTP Client

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Multi-page responsive web design that adapts to phones, tablets, and desktops.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Tools: Chrome DevTools, GitHub Pages

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Developer Skills


Responsive Web Devolopment

Git & GitHub


Media Queries

Responsive Typography



Manipulate the DOM




Managing Data Flow



FTP Client


Visual Studio Code


Chrome DevTools


WP Engine

Hello! I'm Melissa Walker.

I'm a Front End Web Developer who enjoys coding clean and responsive websites.

In the past decade, I’ve pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology along with immersing myself in the medical field. As an administrator, I’ve worn many hats ranging from managing the front desk operations, appealing claim denials, and interviewing potential candidates for employment, to focusing on patient satisfaction, and office efficiency. My passion, however, has always been in technology. My interest began with editing my Myspace background and evolved into a desire to create responsive websites. In my spare time, I love to paint, make, and create crafts with my daughter, Eleanor. When possible, I also enjoy listening to many of the local bands playing at an outdoor venue while sipping a refreshing craft beer. Although I’ve immersed myself in education and healthcare, I am very much looking forward to bringing the many skills I’ve learned and the “client first attitude” to help elevate a company and increase its client base.